Volunteer Live in House Worker job in Canada

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  • 15-25 CAD / Hour
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Volunteer Live in House Worker job in Canada. Are you looking for a position as a Volunteer Live in House Worker job in Canada? MENNONITE NEW LIFE CENTRE offers CAD 15-25 hourly for the Volunteer Live in House Worker position. Female victims of trafficking and domestic violence might find temporary housing at Aurora House (AH). The program’s goal is to help women and children who have fled violent situations become self-sufficient with minimal assistance. This is a volunteer position that provides free rent in Toronto and includes living quarters for the worker. Victims of modern slavery, especially women (particularly pregnant women and mothers of young children), teens, and adults, will benefit from the trauma-informed, culturally competent services provided by this position.

Job Title:

  • Volunteer Live in House Worker job

Salary Volunteer Live in House Worker job:

  • CAD 15-25 per hour

Job Responsibilities and Overview:

  • Managing Aurora House’s day-to-day administrative, upkeep, and programming tasks requires coordination.
  • AH and its citizens have proposed a number of action demands and requirements.
  • Maintain constant communication with the locals by holding regular meetings.
  • Get the word out that AH values citizens’ participation in programs that treat them with dignity and respect.
  • Provides assistance to residents in performing routine tasks (such as recycling, laundry scheduling, and other necessities).
  • Responsible for enforcing Aurora House’s rules and regulations.
  • Handle the resolution of conflicts.
  • Helps out when necessary by getting in touch with volunteer maintenance workers.
  • Various other tasks as needed.

Qualification/ About the Applicant

  • Prior experience dealing with marginalized populations is preferred.
  • Possessing proficiency in a second or third language is viewed as a plus, although fluency in English is mandatory.
  • Ability to plan and execute with precision.
  • Ability with computers; familiarity with databases is advantageous.
  • Competence both in working alone and accommodating team needs.
  • Love of humanity and commitment to social justice
  • A disposition of empathy, respect for other cultures, and opposition to oppression.
  • Needs to agree to a check for potential exposure to vulnerable sectors.

Application Deadline

  • November 30, 2023
Applying Criteria
  • To apply for this job position
  •  Please send your cover letter and resume through our online application method.
  • Applicants can apply directly by clicking on the apply button.
  • Press the “Apply”

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Place of Work
  • Canada