Team Member Full-Time job in Canada

Team Member Full-Time job in Canada. Are you looking for a full-time position as a Team Member Full Time job in Canada? WHOLE FOODS MARKET offers CAD 15-25 hourly for the Team Member Full-Time position. Do you consider yourself a Foodie and are in search of a fresh challenge? Use just one application to considered for all open positions here. Team members assist in several departments by helping with customer service, stocking, and cleaning. Maintaining a great public image for Whole Foods Market is a top priority for all retail employees, therefore they must always treat customers and coworkers with kindness and efficiency.

Job Title:

  • Team Member Full-Time job

Salary Team Member Full-Time job:

  • CAD 15-25 per hour

Job Responsibilities and Overview:

  • Have the availability to work irregular hours, such as late at night or on holidays, when necessary.
  • Takes on shifts in the beginning, the middle, and the end.
  • Adheres to all departmental policies and procedures regarding product handling, storage, rotation, and stocking.
  • Makes wares ready for sale by preparing, packaging, weighing, and pricing them.
  • Maintains inventory freshness and quality by keeping an eye on products.
  • Maintains a tidy and filled display case or shelf.
  • Maintains logs for food waste, samples, temperatures, and sweeps as needed.
  • Helps out with stocktakes once in a while.
  • Shows up to work on time, looking presentable, and prepared to work; performs all assigned shifts; and participates in all mandatory meetings and trainings.
  • Responds quickly and politely to incoming calls and pages; demonstrates expert knowledge of
  • products and services; uses suggestive selling strategies to increase sales.
  • Uses efficient and well-established methods for product preparation, storage, rotation, stocking, and retailing to boost sales.
  • Observe or verify that all relevant processes, such as those pertaining to Weights and Measures, hygiene, and workplace safety, are being adhered to.
  • Responsible for keeping the store and its surrounding areas clean and tidy, as well as ensuring that all necessary equipment is serviced and maintained in accordance with Whole Foods Market’s high standards for cleanliness and safety.
  • Verifies that prices and signs are correct.
  • Immediately notify authorities of any infractions or safety risks.
  • Carries out additional responsibilities as directed by shop, regional, or corporate management.

Qualification/ About the Applicant

  • The ability to lift 50 pounds is required.
  • Six to eight hours of walking and standing throughout an 8-hour workday.
  • Manipulation, pushing, and pulling using only one hand.
  • Competence in working in damp and/or chilly conditions is a plus.
  • Experience operating heavy machinery such as forklifts, hand trucks, six-wheel carts, balers, and other warehouse equipment is preferred.

Application Deadline

  • November 30, 2023
Applying Criteria
  • To apply for this job position
  • ┬áPlease send your cover letter and resume through our online application method.
  • Applicants can apply directly by clicking on the apply button.
  • Press the “Apply”

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Place of Work
  • Canada
Job Overview
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