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  • 15-25 CAD / Hour
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Laborer job in Canada. Are you looking for a position as a Laborer job in Canada? DYNO NOBEL offers CAD 15-25 hourly for the Laborer position. Help maintain all machinery and support equipment operators and blasters with tasks such as loading, mixing, unloading, and preparing explosive items for the customer by operating auxiliary equipment. The commercial explosives business is headed by Dyno Nobel, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Incitec Pivot Limited. Our services and products are available to clients throughout North America, Australia, and several locations in Asia and the Pacific.

Participate with us in OUR culture, OUR values, OUR commitment to safety, and MOST OF ALL, OUR PEOPLE at Dyno Nobel. Dyno Nobel is a great company because of these factors. Dyno Nobel operates under Incitec Pivot Limited, an Australian parent company. The 4500 people who work with IPL do more than just make and sell fertilizer and industrial chemicals to customers all over the world.

Job Title:

  • Laborer job

Salary for Laborer job:

  • CAD 15-25 per hour

Job Responsibilities and Overview:

  • Help ensure that customers receive fast, secure, and high-quality service and product by operating auxiliary equipment such as forklifts, winches, and hand tools.
  • Maintain cars in your charge to ensure they will run smoothly and safely.
  • Maintaining correct operation of equipment through reading gauges and making necessary adjustments is essential for delivering high-quality, on-time goods.
  • Help the blasters and equipment operators at the site to ensure the customer’s safety.
  • Protect oneself and others by adhering to all shop, equipment, and blast site safety protocols and maintaining safe working conditions at all times.
  • Keep the blast site and surrounding area secure and free of hazards.
  • Please inform the proper authorities of any accidents or unsafe situations that may occur.
  • Adhere to all directives issued by the Loss Control Board in an effort to enhance the standard of blasting services and reduce liability risks associated with the blast.
  • Adhere to DNNA Engineering Standards and the HSE Management System as applicable.
  • Support safety initiatives by actively attending and contributing to training and meeting opportunities.

Qualification/ About the Applicant

  • Having completed at least secondary school is required.
  • Exemplary work ethic; preferably some expertise in physical labor.
  • Possessing fluency in both written and spoken English is a must.
  • Capacity to maintain a dignified demeanor at all times.
  • Completed and passed all required DNNA training courses, which may include technical, regulatory, and other skill sets.
  • Positivist, sociable, and a team player.

Application Deadline

  • October 30, 2023
Applying Criteria
  • To apply for this job position
  • ┬áPlease send your cover letter and resume through our online application method.
  • Applicants can apply directly by clicking on apply button.
  • Press the “Apply”

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Place of Work
  • Canada
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