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  • Canada
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  • 20-30 CAD / Hour
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Cleaner job in Canada. In a Looking for a position as a Cleaner job in Canada? BGIS offers CAD 20-30 hourly for the Cleaner job position. BGIS is the industry standard for comprehensive property management and real estate solutions. Our combined worldwide workforce of over 6,500 employees is laser-focused on making innovation possible for our customers’ businesses through the services we provide. In all of North America, Europe, the Middle East, Australia, and Asia, we oversee approximately 320 million square feet of client portfolios.

Heavy cleaning in an assigned area, with an eye toward quality assurance, health and safety, and the pursuit of delighted customers are your primary responsibilities as a member of the BGIS SCS Team.

Job Title:

  • Cleaner job

Salary for the Cleaner job:

  • CAD 20-30 per hour

Job responsibilities and duties:

As a worker, you will have to do and be responsible for the following:

  • Sweep, mop, or vacuum the floor to get rid of dirt and debris.
  • Clean (dry or wet) and shiny floors made of nonporous materials. Floors can be washed and buffed
  • with either portable or tow-behind buffing devices. Automatic machinery may be employed for such
  • tasks in large-scale outdoor applications.
  • Manual or mechanical stripping and finishing of hard floors as needed.
  • Carry trash to a landfill, recycling center, or compactor from collection sites.
  • Move required tools and equipment between levels and work sites
  • Maintenance and storage of tools and gear
  • Maintains glass surfaces that are inaccessible without the use of elevated work platforms.
  • Maintains sanitary conditions in restrooms by stripping and waxing floors
  • Cleans areas that need the use of a ladder, such as stairwells and elevator shafts
  • Helps with loading and unloading, and keeping supplies and cleaning agents stocked.
  • therefore it’s important to follow all safety precautions.

Application Deadline

  • August 30, 2023
Applying Criteria

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