Field Operator job in Qatar

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  • 15-25 CAD / Hour
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Field Operator job in Qatar. Are you looking for a position as a Field Operator job in Qatar? DOLPHIN ENERGY offers QAR 15-25 hourly for the Field Operator position. Monitor the UAE Gas Network from the Control Room and conduct site maintenance tasks as assigned by the shift supervisor to ensure the facility is operating safely and in accordance with all shift protocols and safety measures.

Checking the standby equipment/generators to ensure they are ready for operation, as well as reading the Main Control Room log sheets from the previous shift noting temperatures, pressures, humidity, and loads, are all necessary steps in determining the working status of the equipment.
Especially outside of business hours when help may be far away, you are expected to respond swiftly in the case of an emergency and to alert the Shift Controller via radio of any serious situation in which you are involved.

Job Title:

  • Field Operator job

Salary Field Operator job:

  • QAR 15-25 per hour

Job Responsibilities and Overview:

  • Checking the standby equipment/generators to ensure they are ready for operation, as well as reading the Main Control Room log sheets from the previous shift that indicate temperatures, pressures, humidity, and loads.
  • Conduct routine plant patrols to check on the status of all machinery and equipment, such as generators, valves, pumps, etc., and to report any issues to the shift controller, including leaks, excessive heat, and unusual noise.
  • Control the equipment and valves, both locally and remotely, from start to finish and back again.
  • Prepare the equipment for maintenance by isolating it electrically and, if necessary, depressurizing and purging it with nitrogen through the valves that isolated.
  • Before beginning work, you must pass the Shift Controller’s required explosive oxygen and dangerous gas tests for hot work and vessel access, and sign a work request.
  • Keep an eye on the upkeep done to make sure it’s done safely and in compliance with the conditions of the work permit.

Qualification/ About the Applicant

  • The Equivalent of a Diploma in Engineering or Technology
  • Five years experience working in a large company’s gas plant and control room.
  • Carry out additional tasks that comparable or related, such as tallying the number of hours that various pieces of machinery were in use so that maintenance records may compiled.
  • Perform initial firefighting and first aid when necessary and quickly contact the Shift Controller via radio if an emergency arises, especially outside of normal business hours when help may be delayed.
  • Help the Shift Controller out by keeping an eye on the SCADA systems used to run the gas distribution system.
  • Together with the security guard, routinely patrol the TRF or AFP perimeter fences.

Application Deadline

  • November 30, 2023
Applying Criteria
  • To apply for this job position
  •  Please send your cover letter and resume through our online application method.
  • Applicants can apply directly by clicking on the apply button.
  • Press the “Apply”

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  • Qatar
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