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Visa Sponsorship Jobs 2023

Are there any Jobs In Dubai That Offers Visa Sponsorship In 2023?

If you are looking for Jobs in Dubai Visa Sponsorship 2023, you have come to right place. Here you will find the best job opportunities for different companies that are currently open to proving visa facilities to its employees as well as ticket and other expenses coverage.

As we all know Dubai is a popular city for hiring top-skilled workers from all around the world, and in order to attract top skilled workers some industries like Finance, IT, Healthcare, Hospitality, Constructions and engineering are offering amazing jobs benefits in form of visa and accommodation.

Jobs in Dubai Visa Sponsorship 2023:

Here I am mentioning top 11 Dubai Visa Sponsorship Jobs 2023 that employers in Dubai are currently looking to fill. The salary range for these jobs are between AED 1500 – AED 5800 Per Month. If you are interested/eligible for these jobs please click on Apply here button from below table:

Job TitleCompany NameApply Link
Operation assistantAscent SearchApply Here
Temporary Data Entry/Shipping/ Import/Export/PurchaseMohebi Martin Brower Logistics LLCApply Here
PRIVATE LIVE – IN NANNYCloudNine KidsApply Here
Finance DirectorCemeaApply Here
Factory WorkerArabtecApply Here
SalesmanArabtecApply Here
HelperArabtecApply Here
DriverArabtecApply Here
StorekeeperArabtecApply Here
Security GuardArabtecApply Here
Warehouse Forklift OperatorArabtecApply Here
Dubai Visa Sponsorship 2023

What Documents are needed for Dubai Employment Visa?

For acquiring employment Visa you need to have below Documents:

  1. Original Passport
  2. Your recent passport size picture
  3. Your Degrees and Diplomas, and these qualifications documents needs to be authorized by embassy and your ministry of Hajj affairs department.
  4. Medical Certificates by Government approved health centers

How Employers in Dubai Gets Work Permit for Sponsorship candidates?

Its easier for employers to get work permit for sponsored candidates. Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation shortly known as MoHRE are in charge of issuing work permit. The steps to get work permit are as follows:

  1. Goto Ministry of Labour’s Online System by clicking on this link:
  2. Print the application of work Permit and submit requested documents
  3. Ministry review the application and accept or reject it based on their merits.

Once submitted work permits can take up to 5 working days to issue the permit.

What are the fees for Work permit?

The fee for work permits varies as it depends on the nature of the permit. Here we will talk about 3 main categories:

  1. If you are requesting new electronic work permit it has 3 sub categories:

       a)- Category 1: AED 300

       b)- Category 2: It has 3 sub levels:

                         A: AED 600

                         B: AED 1500

                         C: AED 2000

      c)- Category 3: AED 5000

  • For Foreigners over the age of 65: AED 5000 on all categories.

How to get a Dubai Work Visa?

Once your employer gets work permit for you, you can enter Dubai, but in order to officially start working there your employer needs to get Residence Visa. On your work permit you can only stay for 30 days. Your employer can only start working on your employment visa once you entered the city.

What Procedures Employers follow to get Employment visa in Dubai?

The General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) handles the employment visa process in Dubai. Your employer needs to submit an application to GDRFA for your residence visa. For applying for employment visa please visit: . It’s an official GDRFA websites for Dubai Only.

Once application submitted and approved(Usually takes few weeks) GDFRA will issue employment visa( Also known as residence visa for employment) and you will get your Emirates ID and labor card.


To summarise, there are multiple opportunities that you can avail if you are interested in getting employment based visa in Dubai. As we all know Dubai employers are best skilled hunters when it comes to filling their corporate offices and they have labour shortage. Their race to stay on top of world hierarchy makes them carry out amazing working environment and load of benefits to attract the best talent globally.

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