Mathematician/Bio Statistician job in Pakistan

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  • Pakistan
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  • 80000-100000 PKR / Month
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Mathematician/Bio Statistician job in Pakistan. Looking for a position as a Mathematician/Bio Statistician job in Pakistan? UNITED NATIONS PAKISTAN offers PKR 80000-10000 monthly for the Mathematician/Bio Statistician position. In order to better gauge the Programme’s effectiveness, pinpoint its weaknesses, and lay the groundwork for efficient program plans and fruitful output, the Bio-Statistician will bolster the data Management Unit. Perform PEI activity merging across data files to guarantee clean merges and generate summaries of relevant findings. In order to guarantee that each observation is properly attributed and that the data being presented is consistent, it is important to review the relevant data files and perform some basic data cleaning. One year of experience working as a data manager for a private company, government agency, or public health organization. Education at the Master’s Level in Math, Statistics, or Computer Science. Acquiring a degree in computer science or information technology is highly desirable.

Job Title:

  • Mathematician/Bio Statistician job


  • PKR 80000-100000 per Monthly

Job responsibilities and duties:

As a worker, you will have to do and be responsible for the following:

  • Exhibits a high level of skill and knowledge in one’s field of work.
  • Continually demonstrates moral rectitude and upright conduct.
  • Exhibits responsibility in one’s work.
  • Boosts WHO’s profile as a reliable health authority.
  • Exhibits initiative and takes responsibility for maintaining and improving one’s own competence and knowledge.
  • Contributes ideas, time, and energy to group efforts; offers assistance when needed; shares credit for the team’s wins and losses; works effectively with others.
  • Maintains composure and effectiveness under duress; does not project one’s own emotional state onto others.
  • Exhibits an optimistic approach to undertaking novel tasks.
  • Responds effectively and efficiently to shifting work needs and priorities.

Application Deadline

  • June 30, 2023
Applying Criteria

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  • Pakistan
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