Customer Care Specialist job in Pakistan

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  • Pakistan
  • Posted 1 year ago
  • 50000-100000 PKR / Month
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Customer Care Specialist job in Pakistan. Looking for a position as a Customer Care Specialist job in Pakistan? FORMULATRIX offers PKR 50000-100000 monthly for the Customer Care Specialist position. The role of Customer Care Specialist for Lab Automation Instruments requires a self-starter with excellent communication skills. Our liquid handlers and filtration devices are used in laboratory automation, and you will be responsible for providing technical support and troubleshooting assistance for these products. A Bachelor’s degree or its international equivalent is required. A graduate degree in a technical subject is preferred. Two or more years of experience working directly with customers (in retail, support, customer service, etc.). Offer remote technical support for liquid handlers and filtration machines used in laboratory automation. Fix problems with instruments/software without assistance and in a timely manner.

Job Title:

  • Customer Care Specialist job


  • PKR 50000-100000 Monthly

Job responsibilities and duties:

As a worker, you will have to do and be responsible for the following:

  • Offer remote technical support for liquid handlers and filtration machines used in laboratory automation
  • independently investigate instrument/application malfunctions and propose workable fixes
  • Work together with other departments to fix problems that no one has noticed before, and make sure the client is happy.
  • Build and manage a database of technical and scientific information about your instruments.
  • Client and team member remote training and instrument checks
  • Report on the case’s development in the CRM in a timely manner.
  • Competence in drawing inferences from disparate bodies of technical knowledge, such as that found in applied science and engineering
  • a never-ending thirst for knowledge and an eagerness to grow as an expert in one’s field
  • Able to multitask with ease and pay close attention to detail
  • Ability and desire to work the night shift (close to 6 pm-3 am).

Application Deadline

  • June 28, 2023
Applying Criteria

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  • Pakistan
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